We're next meeting on the 8th December - hope to see you there!

Established in 1993, supported by Finn-Guild and The Finnish Department of Education through Suomi-Seura. The aim of Suomi schools throughout the UK is to advance education in the Finnish language, Finnish affairs, history and culture. The school promotes the benefits of bilingualism within British-Finnish families.

Our school also offers a place for anyone with a link or an interest in Finland living in and around Sussex to come and meet, socialise and make friends. The school organises end of term parties, as well as meeting up at other events in the Brighton area, such as The Independance Day Party. See this years events on the news page.

We generally meet every second Saturday morning during term time from 10-12. (see Where & When for term dates). Even if you are not looking to learn the language, you will always be welcome to pop in for a coffee during term times.

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